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Dolly Mama's
Mindy Terasawa
Deena Rutter
Fancy Pants
Renaé Lindgren
Renaé's House
Keri Schneider
Jone Hallmark
Simply Stitches
My Mind's Eye
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All artwork and designs listed on are copyrighted. All rights reserved. Downloaded designs (including free samples) are licensed to the original customer only. As the original customer you may embroider designs on items for your personal use. You may also embroider the designs on up to 20 individual items to sell for profit. Selling of items embroidered with the design in excess of 20 items is defined as “commercial use” and is strictly prohibited under this license. Those wishing to obtain a license specifically for commercial use may do so by contacting us at . Designs in whole or in part may not be sold, traded, given away, uploaded, copied, repackaged, loaned, transferred, or distributed in any other way without express written permission from Embroidables LLC. We reserve the right to pursue legal action against anyone who chooses to violate these terms.