Our Story

I’ve always loved the idea that sewing can bring generations together–which is exactly where our story begins. It was my patient mother who first sparked my interest in sewing at an early age. From there a kind neighbor taught me the intricacies of the art and later at college it was my grandmother who taught me to quilt. Oh, how I loved my time spent with them!

Later in life, I have learned that can sewing not only bring generations together, but can also strengthen everlasting bonds. Shortly before our first child was born, I had graduated from Brigham Young University in Home Economics Education and was teaching junior high school. My husband, David, knew of my passion for sewing and desire to create beautiful heirlooms for our children-to-be. We set out together for a new sewing machine and came home with a then, top of the line embroidery machine, embroidery software, and more spools of thread and kinds of stabilizers than I knew what to do with. I spent hours reading my manuals, taking classes and experimenting with my machine.

Even though I had fallen in love with machine embroidery, I was growing frustrated with the limited number of stylish, quality designs available on the market. I knew there had to be something better out there and surely I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. And so it was, David, who after growing tired of hearing me complain, came up with the idea to turn my frustrations into fun and peace of mind for myself and others. He was the first to say let’s be the ones to bring the best designs to the industry. And so, with that Embroidables was born. We began together–myself overseeing all creative aspects, and David carrying out the business/technical side.

That was several years ago, and Embroidables has since grown by leaps and bounds. Along the way, we have made numerous new friends and continue to make more each day with each new customer. We appreciate each one of you. Thank you for your support.